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  • Born: 1983.02.16
  • Likes: Automation
  • Dislikes: Repetition

Autobiography – I was born in Phoenix Arizona and have since lived in various areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area. I currently live with my Mom and step-dad George and their daughter Samantha. I
was raised in a lower middle class family which had a computer and internet access by around 1990. I bought my first computer with help from my Dad when I was 16 from Gateway (Gateway 2000 at the time, heh). It was a 333mhz Celeron with 128mb of SDRAM and a 6.4 gig HD. No CD burner or anything really fancy, but I got everything I needed including access to the internet via dial-up to AOL at 56k (or really 48000 baud). This was my introduction to computers and I really knew nothing more about them than how to type, move the mouse, and follow directions. I did have access to computers earlier, although it was monitored, in short periods, using different hardware and software (Mac and Apple as opposed to PC and Windows).

I was more formally introduced to computers at a later time by a computer class teacher at Valley Academy in my freshman year. The curriculum was composed of typing lessons and productivity software usage and internet basics. Luckily the teacher introduced to parts of the class topics which will interest me until my death (and some may believe lowered my grades); Markup languages and computer networking. A pocket-reference and a bit of direction from the teacher, and the entire class was designing HTML web pages in days.

I never was a very attentive student after 5th grade, something happened which changed my outlook on the entire education system and I never really tried hard to achieve higher grades since. As many people like me know, this doesn’t ever get you kicked out of school, nor does it slow your progress through each grade (it may slow your progress when your parents see your grades though) especially for those able to quickly obtain knowledge; In my opinion those able to retain knowledge easily are more prone to being less excited about learning the concepts presented in most schools. Eventually I dropped out of High School and got my G.E.D. at Rio Salado Community College, I did this without studying for the tests (I later learned they changed the tests afterwards to make them more difficult, I hope so). I feel the same now as I always have, my behavior was not the best solution to the problem, but I won’t go so far as to say that I was positively or negatively effected by this. I didn’t go immediately to College, a decision I’m thankful I made (even if passively) because I have had time to effectively research my possibilities and gain “Real life” experience which I feel will help me make a wiser choice. I have always had an interest in computers and probably would have sought a degree in computer science in earlier years, I now realize that I would rather work on developing businesses as full time employment because a business degree is usually more portable (or usable in a larger quantity of high paying positions). Also I can use, work on, and play with computers for extended periods of time but I know that if I had a full time job working on computers the enjoyment would soon fade and my once enjoyable hobby would be another tedious task. I do plan on obtaining a computer related degree, but won’t be focusing on obtaining a technical position for any substantial length of time. Eventually I am aiming to major in either business or math, but haven’t really tied anything down yet.

Currently I am working on getting my dental problems managed and will be getting a job and going to school soon after or before it is all finished. I like to spend my free time finding and listening to music I like, learning about computer software, exploring web-pages and web-applications, and many other things which all can be summed up in the term “Learning”. Take a look at my current list of self-studies at the end of this document for a full view.

Personality – I always try to be kind, forgiving, and thoughtful towards all things, and work to better myself in all respectful ways. I prefer quiet and clean environments yet enjoy moments spent anywhere with good company. Because of the time and place of my upbringing and my eagerness to learn, electronic devices have become to me like extensions of myself. I enjoy discussing my hobbies above the regulars topics like politics, weather, and traffic but more often than not I try taking the time to become involved in the interests of others. Although I do try to do these things I often find myself doing otherwise despite my good intentions.

Current Self-Studies:

  • Education
  • Language
  • Religion/History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Technology

Now that you’ve reached the end of this terribly written document you deserve probably the most important link when trying to find out what I’m currently interested in. It is the link to my account on which is where I store all of my bookmarks. Did you miss that? Here’s the url; For me Delicious connects everything I do on the web publicly (see my personal delicious tag), I hope it helps you in some way.


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